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We understand the importance of sticking to schedules and maintaining a high level of quality in all our deliverables.

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We take personal responsibility for all our relationships – with clients, colleagues, partners, investors and our community.


We are committed to the success of our clients, their ambitions and their objectives.


We have pledged ourselves to high quality performance that produces outstanding results of lasting value.

Manufacture A Variety Of High Quality Spun Pipes

An ISO 9001:2015 Manufacturing Company, Since 1997.

CCC SPUN PIPES is engaged in the manufacturing and export of different sizes of pipes is the core strength of our products and business applications every single product offered by us, is designed and developed according to the specific requirement of our esteem clients

Being forte of the company, quality is ensured in every aspect of our business proceedings. Starting from obtaining raw materials through the development of product till their dispatch

We request our clients to provide us with their needs and requirements .As soon as we receive these, we start the process of designing and developing products. The key factors to our robust and stable growth are our client focus, leadership, the adoption of the latest technology and the work force orientation



Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.


We have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect.


Our company develops a unique dynamically and keeps in step with the times.

The Best Quality in the industry

We provide products with uncompromised quality

RCC Spun Pipes

Click the link below for available specifications.



Click the link below for available specifications.



Click the link below for available specifications.

Industrial Solutions

Our Solutions

Our products are useful to our clients at various applications, fulfilling specific needs which they are designed keeping in mind.


CCC Spun Pipes provides a range of proven precast solutions for stormwater drainage.


CCC Spun Pipes has developed a range of speciality solutions to maximise durability, and even eliminate the potential adverse effects of sulphuride acid attacks, which can exist in sewer pipeline systems.

Tunnel and shaft

Our range of shaft and tunnel products has been developed to meet the requirements of the latest industry standards. Designed with consideration to the ease of construction and speed of installation.

Irrigation Supply

CCC Spun Pipes provides cost effective and robust solutions for agricultural water supply and irrigation need.

To the best tests & standards

The materials we use are never compromised

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. Our sand is tested and used according the following standards.

Sieve Analysis : As per IS 2386 – PART1 (1963)

Aggregate serves as the backbone reinforcement to add strength to the overall composite material.

Los Angeles Abrasion Test: Aggregate Impact Test - as per IS 2386 Part 4(1963)

Cement is a binder, a substance used in construction that sets and hardens and can bind other materials

Initial & Final Setting Time Test as per IS 12269-1987 (OPC 53 Grade)

Concrete, a composite composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with cement that hardens over time

  • Compressive Strength Test - as per IS 516-1959
  • Split Tensile Test - as per IS 5816 – 1999
  • Mix Design - as per IS 10262-1982
  • Concrete - as per IS 456-2000
  • Spun Pipe - as per IS 458 - 2003
Why Choose CCC?

Reliable, Quality & Technically Advanced Products!

CCC Spun Pipes works on principles of engineering excellence crafted through unstinted dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective to serve the market.

Quality Control System

Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

An integrated approach to providing engineering services allows our clients to benefit from the commercial and logistical advantages.

Highly Professional Staff

We are one of the Nations largest automotive parts recyclers and a widely recognized leader utilizing advanced computerized techniques.

Accurate Testing Processes

We’ll work with you on your project, large or small. Together we’ll fine-tune your new construction, remodeling or renovation plans...

Top quality RCC Spun Pipes

Our products meets the stringent norms of testing and quality standards and we make sure we deliver the perfect ones to your needs.

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